Amir Desai

SVP & CIO, ACS, a Xerox Company

Rancho Palos Verdes, United States

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    SVP & CIO

    ACS, a Xerox Company

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  • ACS
  • Healthcare

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About him

As a solutions-oriented technology executive, Amir Desai possesses significant experience running large technology organizations. His efforts have mostly related to technology support in health care administration. Over the course of his career, Mr. Desai has led teams to create new methodologies and programs for patient processing and transactions and developed solutions for a wide range of technical challenges. Amir Desai currently serves as Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President for Affiliated Computer Services Inc. (ACS), a subsidiary of Xerox Corporation. In these roles, he oversees the Medicaid government business unit’s technology operations.

Amir Desai previously served as Chief Information Officer for Molina Healthcare, Inc., where he succeeded in bringing a number of highly successful changes to various aspects of the company’s IT section. Among other achievements, he reduced IT costs as compared with revenue despite increasing staff size and output. Mr. Desai also spearheaded development of several important solutions, including a blueprint to allocate capital for IT operations, a plan for scalable company infrastructure, and seamless consolidation of four data centers into a single new location.