Allison Janas

Allison Janas

Owner & Operator, Colorado Corporate Wellness

United States

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Her background

  • Today
    * Develop, implement, and report on key success indicators and measures.
    * Plan and implement health screenings, educational programs and material, fitness activities.
    * Develop, organize, and manage corporate wellness programs, host seminars and training to health risk, contain health care costs, encourage healthy lifestyles, and employee engagement.
    * Conduct client assessment to understand client's problems and goals, and to determine which wellness services will provide optimal benefit.
    * Organized and participated in Personal Training- assisted members in reaching their health and wellness
    * Plan and coordinate on-site wellness events such as health fairs, group exercise classes
    * Manage on-site fitness programs and websites.
    * Perform fitness assessments, determine exercise prescriptions, and design workout programs for a diverse personal training, proper population, including a variety of high-risk clientele. evaluations of physical health needs through diet education,
  • Today

    Personal Trainer

    Golds Gym

    Enhancing all aspects of health, increase awareness of positive
    Regularly evaluated effects of treatment and adjusted to achieve maximum benefit health behaviors, to motivate
    Design individual and group exercise programs tailored to the needs and attainable goals
    clients to adopt healthier
    Conduct and understand the need and importance of screening and client assessment, initially and
    behaviors, and to provide progressively
    opportunities and a supportive environment.

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Her skills

  • Agility Training
  • Develop healthy living habits
  • Manage corporate wel ness programs
  • Wellness Program design

Her languages

  • English

    About her

    Allison specializes in developing, planning, and implementing behavior modification programs for weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and stress management. She has extensive experience designing health programs for individuals including seniors, youths, diabetics and pre-/post-natal women.

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