Alexis Wilke

Alexis Wilke

Salesperson, Realtor, Diverse Realty

Orangevale, United States

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    March 2017

    Salesperson, Realtor

    Diverse Realty

    I work with owners who want to sell their home or condo. I work with future owners who want to buy their first, next, or second home. I service the whole Sacramento region, with a preference toward the Eastern area (from Roseville/Fair Oaks/Citrus Heights to Folsom Lake). For a second home, I'll be glad to help you find your dream vacation home in the Tahoe region (California only, though.)

    J'ai grandi en France donc je parle très bien le français. Si vous voulez vous sentir plus à l'aise dans vos choix immobiliers quelque soit l'endroit dans la région de Sacramento ou du Lac Tahoe, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. Je me ferai un plaisir de vous aidez dans votre recherche de la maison ou appartement idéal.
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    Made to Order Software Corporation

    Develop software for various customers and developed own software:
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    Software Engineer

    Serious Magic

    Help in developing Visual Communicator and Ovation. Now the products are own by Adobe:
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    Software Engineer


    Develop high quality tests to check the VHDL code for one of 3Dlabs 3D video chip.

    Develop a C++ class that could handle numbers of any width (tested numbers from 1 bit to 1024 bits successfully.)

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    Now a days I'm working on an Ada compiler. If you like software development and more specifically language development, you may be interested by this page: