Alex Getelman

Founder, Milestone Building Ventures

New York, United States

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His background

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    February 2000


    Milestone Building Ventures

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About him

As the founder of Milestone Building Ventures, a New York company that has operated for more than a decade, Alex Getelman oversees construction and real estate experts as they aid companies across the state. He helps develop real estate and construction projects, and advises on everything from initial development to implementation. This thorough familiarity also helps him improve the quality of work through better management and standardized procedures. Alex Getelman also helps clients find other businesses with which to partner, leading to mutually beneficial relationships that help all companies involved grow. He also keeps a keen eye out for new opportunities.

When not working, Mr. Getelman keeps both his body and mind active. Pursuits like meditation and extensive reading help him keep his focus sharp. Some of his favorite books include The Brothers Karamazov and The Godfather. He stays apprised of the latest developments in many spheres through TED talks as well. Mr. Getelman has also participated in multiple marathons.