Alan Guggenheim

Alan Guggenheim

Chairman and CEO, Sensible Care Holdings, LLC

Currently employed at Sensible Care Holdings, LLC, CIS, inc.

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    Alan Guggenheim brings to his professional experience a life filled with early exposure to small business operations in France and the Caribbean. He possesses the strategic, analytical mind of a mathematician, the tactical side of a civil engineer who successfully implements projects, and the geo-political savvy of a global entrepreneur. Alan is at ease negotiating with government entities, corporate organizations, and unions. He has played key roles in raising venture capital, rolling out innovative security products, leading marketing initiatives, and engaging all levels of workers, leaders, and stakeholders to design and implement new business strategies to exceed corporate expectation. Alan oversaw strategic business development and operations for the Swiss company, Kudelski Group, and increased sales by $700 million and profitability by $97 million while employees grew by 2,100. He launched an international start-up strategic business consulting and IT sales and services firm, Calcar Investment Services, with 60 plus employees in five locations and $10 million plus in annual sales revenues. Additionally, he created a construction and improvement lending institution, Commité Interprofessionel du Logement de la Guadeloupe, which attracted several million dollars in contributions from 220 companies in its first year. In 2000, Alan moved to Denver to serve as CEO for NagraStar, a supplier of conditional access systems and security access devices and services. He realized $125 million in annual revenues and a 280 percent growth by executing sales strategies and providing value-added engineering services. As a global executive, he negotiated contracts for more than $100 million with EchoStar and Bell ExpressVu and increased cash to $70 million and equity to $40 million while returning 700 percent cash on investment. In 2007, Alan moved to San Francisco where he was President and CEO for OpenTV. He engineered and launched a turn-around plan, streamlined the organization, reduced costs, and improved productivity while engaging personally in key customer relationships and negotiations with DISH network, Comcast, Time Warner, Sky Italia, and Foxtel. Alan earned a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in business at ESTP in Paris, France, a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Paris, and is a graduate of ESOREM, also in Paris. He participated in the French equivalent to ROTC, and retired in 1982 from the French Reserves as a Major. Positions Alan has held include President and CEO, Chief Executive Officer, Executive VP & Chairman, Founder & Chairman, and Executive Director and CEO. Today, Alan Guggenheim is a naturalized US citizen who resides near Houston, Texas and is seeking an opportunity to engage his business skills in a start-up, expansion, reorganization, restructuring, or management of operations for a global enterprise that will provide plenty of challenge where he can produce exceptional returns on corporate value.


Chairman and CEO

At Sensible Care Holdings, LLC

From 2011 to Present
Acquire and develop Health Care rural businesses in need of technology, management and capital.

Chairman and CEO

At CIS, inc.

From 2007 to Present

CEO Nagrastar

At Echostar

From December 2000 to March 2007

President and CEO

At OpenTV

Selected to lead the entire organization with accountability for the P&L, strategic planning / execution, customer / supplier relations, financial management, business development, marketing and sales, and employee relations. Oversee turn around strategies to reestablish and manage the operational...
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At Kudelski SA

From 2003 to 2007
KUDELSKI GROUP Public company providing security technologies for a wide range of applications requiring access control and rights management. EXECUTIVE VP & CHAIRMAN (NAGRAUSA), SWITZERLAND / LOS ANGELES, CA (1996 – 2007) Promoted in roles of increased responsibility to establish and lead...
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At NagraStar, LLC.

From 2000 to 2007
Premier supplier of conditional access systems and security access devices and services. CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, DENVER, CO (2000 – 2007) Directed and coordinated all business areas that included sales, finance (P&L), vision, customer relationships, capital projects, product launch, and...
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At CalCar Investment Services, inc.

From 1984 to 2001
CALCAR INVESTMENT SERVICES INC. International Strategic and Business Development Consulting & IT Services Company. FOUNDER & CHAIRMAN, SAN JOSE, CA (1982 – PRESENT) Led the startup and management of an IT services firm with up to 5 locations, 60+ employees, and more than $10M in annual...
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Delegue General

At Union Patronale de la Guadeloupe

From 1979 to 1981
1979 1981 Union Patronale de Guadeloupe. Secrétaire Général puis Délégué Général. Directeur des services. Développe et rentabilise deux Associations de Formation Continue AFET et AFISA. Crée un CIL (Comité Interprofessionnel du Logement); dès la première année 220 entreprises y participent, plus...
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Ingenieur Travaux

At Societe Routiere Colas

From 1978 to 1979
1976 1978 Société Routière COLAS. Ingénieur Travaux. Formation au siège, Service du Controle Interne. Détaché LTPA Adjoint au Directeur du chantier du Barrage Saint Pierre Manzo, Martinique. Agence COLAS Guadeloupe, Ingénieur Travaux.

Lycée Hoche, Versailles

Lycée Hoche

From September 1963 to June 1967


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