Rev. Alan Cunningham

Rev. Alan Cunningham

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    My voice has sung in small churches, and in large churches. My voice has sung in church camps, prisons and in radio and television stations that beamed my voice into the skies. It has recorded albums, traveled nations, taught to the multitudes and prayed and counseled one on one with many. A stroke broke this voice. Half my body needed retraining. As an Irish tenor who travels as a Christian evangelist and teacher I thought my gifts and calling was over. My speech therapist heard a recording of mine before the stroke and said there is nothing I can do for this man. My God had other plans. My body and my voice are being healed through the gift of modern medicine and prayer. My progress amazes the medical staff and bears witness to the power of prayer. I could have lost my joy in worry about provision for my young family and my precious wife Ginger. I have learned deeply to trust God with everything and not to despise my state of extreme neediness because our neediness enables God to supply all our needs in Christ Jesus. This is precisely what God loves to do if we only let Him. It is a message often lost in the church. It is a message I live as I become God’s love song He sings to His people. God can use a broken voice to minister to a broken people making all things new again. God can take the trials and mistakes of my life to instruct others. God can use my intimacy with Him to mold His words spoken to you in prayer and in counseling. God can reach into my prayer time to develop a Biblical message for your church or meeting. This is my gift from God for others. This is who I am.



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