Ako Lindley

Painter, Ako Lindley

Seattle, United States

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    Ako Lindley

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Her skills

  • Art
  • Fine art
  • Painter

Her hobbies

walking anywhere sports (both outdoor and indoor) reading traveling

About her

A painter living in the Seattle, Washington, area, Ako Lindley works on landscape and other subjects, mainly working in oil. Through Ako's artwork, Ako hopes to preserve culturally significant memories for future generations to appreciate. Since Ako has lived in different countries including the Middle East, Ako's work reflects a blend of cultural differences, as well as the art culture of the Northwest area where Ako lives.

Ako Lindley earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art and Graphic Design from California State University. Launching Ako's art career, Ako gained a wide variety of career experience working in the art department of a major newspaper company in Northern California and in the art department of a large International corporation as well. Visit Ako Lindley's website at www.akostudio.com to view examples of Ako's paintings and to learn more about Ako's artwork.