Amna Osman

Amna Osman

Michigan Public Health Consultant and Advocate - Amna Osman

Fayette, United States

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Public health professional Amna Osman divides her time between roles as head of Osman Consulting and as a coach and mentor within the Michigan State University Advanced Leadership Program. She joined the latter following her tenure as director of the Division of Health, Wellness, and Disease Control at the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH). At MDCH, Amna Osman oversaw 80 employees and managed a budget exceeding $70 million. Her leadership resulted in a decrease of mother-to-child HIV transmissions in the area, as well as the elimination of a wait list for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program.

Throughout her career, Amna Osman also has served as a board member and chair at a number of organizations. In addition to chairing the Michigan Department of Community Health’s African American AIDS Advisory Council, she sat on the Grand Blanc Public Schools Board of Education Superintendent Advisory Council. She currently holds a position on the board of directors at the Great Lakes Leadership Alumni Executive Team at Michigan State University.