Ashok Pinnamaraju

Pharmacist, Lexcare Pharmacy

Lexington, United States

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His skills

  • Healthcare
  • Pharmacy

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About him

Ashok Pinnamaraju is an established Virginia entrepreneur with leadership experience in the pharmacy field extending to 2005. Currently part owner of Roanoke’s Williamson Road Pharmacy, he began his pharmaceutical career at a Saint Paul, Minnesota, location of Walgreens. Ashok Pinnamaraju learned the nuances involved in running a successful pharmaceutical operation, including product ordering and inventory control. He engaged closely with his supervisor in providing quality customer service with the goal of ensuring repeat business.

Mr. Pinnamaraju subsequently took on managerial responsibilities at Walgreens locations throughout much of Minnesota and gained valuable insight into how effective chain businesses function. Transitioning to Virginia, he subsequently assumed responsibilities as part owner of Lexcare Pharmacy in Lexington. He maintained control of day-to-day operations and sought out ways of enhancing efficiency without sacrificing the quality of care provided.

With his current pharmacy, Mr. Pinnamaraju takes pride in offering leading edge services that include the prompt and responsive filling of prescriptions as well as health care screenings. Ashok Pinnamaraju and his team have set in place a convenient online prescription refill system that enables as many as five prescriptions to be filled simultaneously.