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Unlimited books for 3 months

with Youscribe

Benefits Over 100,000 ebooks available. Choose for hundreds of different categories:

  • Wherever, whenever - with no annoyings ads
  • Desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android)
  • With or without a WiFi connection, thanks to our synchronization

Terms 3-month unlimited access to YouScribe's digital library. Streaming and offline access via YouScribe's app. Up to 10 books can be synchronized for offline reading. Offer valid only in France, and only for 12- or 24-month Viadeo Premium subscriptions.

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Founded in 2010, YouScribe is a digital library that provides access to hundreds of thousands of e-books. Professional publications, literary works, novels, comics, travel guides, and more. All ebooks can be viewed on any platform (computers, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets). YouScribe now has 800,000 users.

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