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Vedic Requirements
About Us VEDICSOFT is an award-winning IT Solutions company specializing in Business Intelligence. During the past 11 years in business, we have built more than 300 happy customers nationwide. Some of…

People who would like to work for Intel. This will give you a chance to talk to someone who can help you find opportunities at Intel

Maverick Interviewing
Candidates looking for employment risk so much during the process that "old" techniques just do not work anymore. Most of the challenges stem from the standard myopic perspective on what employers are…

Linkedin related discussions and interaction

HR Connect - Management Consulting Job Hub
This is a forum where ERP Recruiters and Jobseekers can post or reply to open positions in management consulting.

Intern Abroad USA
Intern Abroad brings qualified interns in Marketing, Sales, PR, IT and International trade from Europe to the United States.

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