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Nous organisons des rencontres a New York (meet up): 1 mardi par mois pour echanger et partager notre experience d'Expatries. Prochaine reunion le 9 Fevrier .

Your Adventure Starts Here! Find gear for Fishing, Boating, Hunting, Campin
The choices your make when buying binoculars is an important decision for every hunter and outdoorsman. As you develop into an advanced hunter, you will find that high quality optics will become more important to you.

Tom KARL, your Communauty Manager
Tom KARL, Communauty Manager Indépendant en contrat pour le groupe CABINET CTM

US (& UK) HR Business Club (Boost your Career !!!)
Purpose of this hub : Create new oportunities to boost careers by making relationships between all members, and increase the possibilities to reach your next manager and find your next job. Most of the…

Informacion de Bienes Raices Mundial | Red Profesional
Red de afiliados mundial | Profesionales Unidos en ofrecer oportunidades de negocios | propiedades de todas las indoles y tamaños | Financiamientos | Residenciales | Comerciales | Industriales. Asesores…

Paris New York
Paris New York - Club Business Communication and Networking News, Art, Culture, Entertainment

Français aux États-Unis
Ce groupe a pour objectif de rapprocher les Francais qui vivent aux Etats-Unis. L'idee est de partager ses experiences, s'entre aider les uns les autres, creer des opportunites...


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